ESPN Will Telecast Destiny-Boishakhi BPL T20

ESPN will telacast the BPL Destiny-Boishakhi BPL T20 (Bangladesh Premier League).
Channel 9, the official telecasting partnar of BPL T20, has confirmed and signed an agreement with ESPN on Friday 27 January, 2012

Now ESPN will telecast BPL T20 all matches world wide and Channel nine will telecast all the matches of BPL T20 Locally.

Channel 9 also trying to sell the telecasting rights to the USA, UK, Europe, Pakistan and other countries.

  • nigel fox

    just been watching t20 on NTVUK,it doesnt seem to be on after this weekend though and just wondering where i can watch it please

    ntvuk is channel 834 on sky

    thank you