Sylhet Royals

Team Squad and Players List:




Alok Kapali


Walton Group Bangladesh


U$ 1.06 Million


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  • Mustafa

    iam supporter of this team from Pakistan and i like this team very much from 6 teams my all wishes Sylhet Royals

  • Mohsin

    Congratulations! Sylhet Royals and Nafisa Kamal as they proved again in BPL that you can’t be underestimated any teams in such level crickets if the players and the organizers are so committed and sporting to learn from loosing and always be positive to do something better in next as Sylhet Royals and Nafisa Kamal did last couple of weeks after loosing first 7 and finally own back to back matches .

    My best wishes to Sylhet Royals and Nafisa for the next BPL !

  • Mohsin


    Even Sylhet Royals knew that they didn’t have any chance to go semi final but they were in positive mind which must be appreciated . the problem were so far they did have right combinations earlier matches than last three . also seems they didn’t utilize our local talents in properly in bating line up specially Naeem Islam has not been in right slot according too his merit . may happened teams didn’t get enough time to think about right. hope Sylhet Royals will work out all the necessary measure in advance in next BPL !