Barisal Burners

Team Squad and Players List:




Shahriar Nafees


Alif Group Bangladesh


U$ 1.01 Million


Barisal Burners Official Logo:

  • http:// noyn

    i like it barisal bcz my hom dic barisall… barisal ebar joy hobaeee…

  • নীল আকাশ

    কি একটা আজাইরা লোগো দিছে বরিশাল বার্নাস, অগো রুচি নাইক্কা

    • jasa

      abbe sala tor logo konta , ajaira comment ……

  • Siraj

    Mr. Nil Akash, Tomakei bolsi….
    Logor tumi ki bujo… tomar ki bojar buddhi hoise ??

    Tomar mia nijer-e to ruchi nai….. khela suru hobar agei poro-chorchay basto aso ….

  • Armaan

    Completely agree with Siraj vai.
    Barisal Burners ROCKS :)

  • Sohan

    Nafees alwoys I will be with U. So go ON…………and Burn your opposition teem,(without Dhaka gladiators coz Ami Dhaker Pola)

    • Armaan

      Thnx Sohan Vai for supporting us :)

  • Mohsin

    This is the great opportunity for our local young talented players to execute themselves together with some world class cricketers playing in BPL. here i’m talking about Mominul and Mithun of Barisal Bernurs . specially Mominul who has already discover himself as a young potential cricketer for Bangladesh Crickets by playing some super innings for Barisal Berners in BPL. don’t know the exact position Mominul likes to bat but seems should have placed little ahead in batting line up than existing so that the young gets more opportunities to display his talents regular basis !

  • Mohsin



    What a comprehensive victory for BARISAL BERNERS in semifinal ! . they out played opponents in many occasions through out the tournaments.

    it’s true that every one likes to win match by match and final goal to win the big one ! but on the same time the team management has the responsibility to pick up local potentials for future Bangladesh instead depending too much on overseas players . we love to see a good combination line up by local and overseas players so that our young talents get the opportunity to play together with the world class cricketer in the middle regular basis .local young talents need support from the teams regular basis to get the confidence and execute their potentials . we have seen that many of the local talents got the opportunity and played very well for some other teams in BPL . could be happy to see couple of local talents put in right place so that they get the chance to perform and that could be the real achievement for the future Barisal Burners in BPL .

    Best Wishes to BARISAL BURNERS for the final!


  • Shiplu Jaman

    I can’t understand why we choice Gyle. He was injured from many days ago. We can choice 1.Devilliers 2.Glane Maxwell 3.Ross Taylor. 4.Faq dude pleads.